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Body Donation Program at the University of Wisconsin

General Information

The study of human anatomy is an essential component of medical education. The School of Medicine and Public Health depends heavily on donors for the continued high level of instruction that anatomy provides to students entering the health professions. At UW-Madison this includes Medical students, Physical and Occupational Therapy students, and Physician Assistant students. Residents in Training, Practicing Physicians, Physician Assistants, and Therapists also rely on gifted bodies for increasing their anatomical knowledge and for teaching of or training in specific clinical procedures.

Wisconsin Law provides that a person, while living, may arrange to donate her/his body to a medical school, provided such gift is for educational purposes. The Body Donor Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison depends heavily upon donors for the continued high level of instruction available to medical and other health professions students here. We are deeply grateful to those whose interest in furthering medical education in Wisconsin leads them to make this donation.

Body Donation Form

A Body Donation Form is available that when properly executed becomes a legal document. The Program does not accept donations from persons under the allowed age. A donor may revoke the gift at any time by notifying the Program and destroying the donation form. The Body Donor Program only accepts bodies that have died in Wisconsin. Bodies will be accepted from Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota or UP Michigan, but the family must assume all funeral home expenses, including the cost of transporting the body to Wisconsin. Additional questions will be answered by contacting the Body Donor Coordinator at 608-262-2888 on weekdays. (click here for contact details)

Additional Information

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